Inside a Training Session: Not Interested


Sometimes training sessions go really well with big breakthroughs like the session I described with Theo last week. But sometimes we just don’t get anywhere. Here is an example of another session with Theo that was not as productive:

I stood outside and peered into the mew. His yellow eyes almost seemed to glow as he stared back at me cautiously. After making sure I was staying put, he turned away to watch the backyard. I silently willed him to turn his attention to the chunk of mouse sitting next to him on the perch. My mind controls proved ineffective, however, as something else caught his eye. He bobbed his head down, then stretched every one of his fourteen neck vertebrae to capacity as he reached his head to the left. Eyes wide, unblinking. I also swiveled my head around, searching for what would be so interesting to an owl. Did he just now notice the two men sitting quietly by the library? Otherwise the backyard was quite peaceful. Perhaps it was something inside the mew. Would a rogue fly warrant such focused attention? Finding nothing alarming myself, and Theo’s neck still stretched out as far as it would go, I tried to gently refocus his attention with more than mental vibes. I shuffled my feet, quietly crunching the gravel to remind him that I was still there and this was a training session. No luck. His eyes were still round globes locked on something more interesting than me.


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