Carson in the sun.jpg

Last week felt like a good chance to try something new with Carson. She has been doing very well coming outside with me and is even willing to eat big chunks of food on my glove in the backyard. Considering that she has to lower her head – and take her attention away from her surroundings – when she eats, it is a great sign that she is comfortable. She’s ready for something new.

On a gorgeous sunny day, I brought Carson outside and let her step back to a perch in the backyard. She was very nervous at first, likely alarmed at the change in our routine. But after a few minutes on high alert, she grew accustomed to her surroundings once again. She finally took a large piece of food from me and carefully ripped it into bite-sized pieces. We basked in the sun a little longer and returned to her mew, happy to end our training session on a positive note.


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