Meet our Birds

The Cable Natural History Museum is home to three live education raptors. These birds were permanently injured in the wild and were deemed non-releasable. They now serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts, helping connect people to Northwoods nature.

Aldo (American Kestrel)
Aldo hatched in 2014 in North Carolina.  He fell out of his nest as a chick and broke both wings.  The bones healed at the Carolina Raptor Center but he became imprinted on people an never learned how to be a wild Kestrel.  This learning process is irreversible so he joined CNHM in 2014.


Carson (Red-tailed Hawk)
Carson hatched in 2013 and was probably hit by a car in Illinois.  Her left humerus was broken and never healed completely.  She moved to CNHM in 2014 to become education bird.


Theo (Great Horned Owl)
Theo was found in Drummond, WI after being hit by a car.  He was aged as an adult at the time, so we know he hatched in 2012 or earlier.  The radius and ulna in his left wing were broken and became fused together.  This injury prevents him from flying normally so he became part of CNHM’s teaching staff in 2014.

All raptors are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. CNHM holds these birds under education permits through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Wisconsin DNR.

Photos by David R. Neilson